chapter 11 for Winair

Fri Dec 18, 1998 8:32 am

Know we are bombing Iraq what is happening to the oild prices? I looked at the sight and the have closed down and I thought it would be way up. So what is the scoop on this?
This could really affect airlines Winair could go broke by next summer and all airlines would really feel and we would to as the prices will be so high to fly anywere. This was a real big proablem for Virgin during desert storm. How long did it take for the oil price to rise? As we have knocked out Electricity the can not pump it so I am sure it will go up.
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RE: Winair

Fri Dec 18, 1998 9:38 am

Iain how dare you say chapter 11 and WinAir
in the same sentence! Oh... I just did. dopph!
I think WinAir will be around for along time! They
have lot's of $$$$$$$$!
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RE: chapter 11 for Winair

Sat Dec 19, 1998 1:32 am

I doubt anything will happen to oil prices. This is just a four day strike, not a WAR.
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