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Problems With Embraer 170 PP-XJA

Thu Sep 26, 2002 5:37 am

Embraer was performing a demonstration with their new EMB-170 PP-XJA at Stockholm-Bromma on Thursday, September 19:th, and this a/c was doing some roundtrips over the Baltic Sea for some proposed customers, but Embraer have probably suffered some technical problems with the landing gear (that's what the rumor have told me) on this a/c, because they have failed to leave Stockholm-Bromma.

Embraer did also send up an ERJ-135, PT-SUC to Stockholm-Bromma with technicians on Monday, 23:rd of September, but that aircraft (PT-SUC) leaved the day after (Tuesday), while EMB-170 PP-XJA was still present today, Wednesday the 25:th!

Does anyone know if Embraer have cancelled any other demonstrations because of this trouble, and if they did, what impression would (probably) those proposed customers have of the quality of this aircraft??

...or is it "normal" to have some problems with a new type of a/c...?  Big grin


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