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Tarom To Drop New York And Beijing . . .

Fri Sep 27, 2002 4:36 am

In a surprising move Nicolae Demetriade resigned last week from his position as Director and President of Tarom Romanian Airlines.
Tarom Technical Union is about to launch a work conflict in the weeks ahead amid fears that as much as 2000 jobs could be lost, in yet another restructuring plan envisioned by Romanian Transportation Ministry.

It appears that the new restructuring plan is seriously contemplating dropping the airline's last remaining intercontinental flights to New York and Beijing.
The two Airbus 310-324 ET becoming redundant in this scenario, will have to be sold or leased.

Tarom will shrink considerably its activity to become yet another regional airline along others in the region like Balkan, Hemus, Jat, Olympic, Adria, Montenegro.

On the other hand everyone would agree that an estimated loss of US $ 37 Mil for this year alone is way to much for a 19 aircraft fleet.

Wonder why Romanian Transport Minister wouldn't even consider this time, hiring an experienced and proven western CEO ? !