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EVA Air, How Are They?

Sun Sep 29, 2002 1:16 am


A friend of mine will travel with EVA Air and she was wondering how this airline is. How is their on-board service compared to China Airlines or other Asian airlines? How about their safety record? I don't know of any (major) incident involving EVA Air. I only EVA Air is partly owned by the Evergreen Group which is specialized in worldwide cargo. I also know about their 777-200LR order which is in doubt and their A330-200 order/lease.

Any information regarding EVA Air's on-board service and its saftey record is welcome.


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RE: EVA Air, How Are They?

Sun Sep 29, 2002 5:07 am

I've always been happy with EVA. They are not (at least in coach and their "Evergreen Deluxe" -- yes, they have 4 tiers instead of three) the fanciest airline, but I never had a flight crew that wasn't efficient and very nice. I always felt that the crew genuinely cared to do their best to make it the most comfortable trip for everyone (a wonderful thing for an SFO-TPE commuter).

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RE: EVA Air, How Are They?

Sun Sep 29, 2002 9:14 am

EVA is an excellent airline. Deluxe class is a very good deal. 38" pitch & PTV for small amount more than economy. Super Business isn't worth the expense in my experience. In flight service is a bit mechanical but efficient. If I'm faced with an economy price range, I'll pick EVA Deluxe every time.

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RE: EVA Air, How Are They?

Sun Sep 29, 2002 9:17 am

How do they compare to China Airlines? Does EVA have PTVs in Y? Does China Airlines?

RE: EVA Air, How Are They?

Sun Sep 29, 2002 11:47 am

The main reason why EVA introduced Evergreen Deluxe Class was because of the Gulf War.

The economic downturn after the Gulf Air force the business traveller to buy Economy Seats. However, they don't want to sit with a bunch of tourists in a same class, especially they pay higher prices.

As a result of this, EVA introduced Evergreen Deluxe Class. You pay a slightly higher fare than normal Y-class fare, you get same service from Business Class. And this has proved that it's a very successful strategy.

For the PTV, EVA's current Economy Class seats don't have PTV. However, with the introduction of 330/777, PTV will be introduced in Economy Class.