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Cathay Pacific News

Sun Oct 24, 1999 12:00 pm

Hi (Speically to those who 'loves' Cathay Pacific),

Cathay Pacific has signed an agreement with Air China (NOT China Airline in Taiwan) to lease 3 A340-300 for two years. These aircrafts will be re-painted to Cathay Pacific color. These aircraft will be serviced before it starts servicing. CX will use these aircrafts to increase frequencies of its existing routes (eg. Sydney, Seoul and Osaka). CX forcasts that there are room to expand its networks and frequencies (which also means the market is growing again).

For more info, please check CX website!!

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RE: Cathay Pacific News

Sun Oct 24, 1999 12:58 pm

It is good to see the market is growing again, and hope Cathay will place their new aircraft order soon....!!!
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CX May Order 777-300X

Sun Oct 24, 1999 6:15 pm

I say it is quite likely that CX will order new planes soon (at the end of the year), and this is the sign of Asia's eco. bouncing into life again.

CX needs a 747-400 replacenment and they are looking at 777-300X as a potential canidate. I say that if Boeing decides to put engine choices, CX will highly order the plane. The A340-600 on the other had, is not bad either but it seems that the 777-300X has better performance and economics.
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RE: Cathay Pacific News

Mon Oct 25, 1999 6:29 am

I know that Cathay likes having new equipment, but I find it a little silly to be replacing 747-400s that for the most part aren't even 10 yrs old yet.
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