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Air Namibia

Sun Oct 24, 1999 1:46 pm

Air Namibia took delivery of their first 747-400C. Its a beautifull aircraft. I wish though they painted it with the old livery with the yellow sheet line. Well I think its a good aircraft for them. It will be primarily used to flights to Europe. What do you guys think about this airline?

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RE: Air Namibia

Sun Oct 24, 1999 5:21 pm


They'll use on FRA and London (I don't know if it's LHR or Gatwick)

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RE: Air Namibia

Tue Oct 26, 1999 11:38 pm

This sure is a carrier with a bright future. Not to long ago Airways or Airliners had a nice spread on them. The 747-400 is named "Welwitschia" it is replacing a 747SP and will operate into London's Heathrow airport and Germany's Franfurt. It will be sad to see the SP go. I photographed it landing at Heathrow when I was there.
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RE: Air Namibia

Wed Oct 27, 1999 3:04 am

I also like Air Namibia and especially their SP (I flew on it in 1995, and I saw it some weeks ago in Frankfurt).
To KL808: You are right with the colours. The old tail logo was better than the new painting with the flag on it.

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Wed Oct 27, 1999 3:49 am


I think WDH isn't a strong market, is it ?
AFAIK, only LH operates to that country as a foreign carrier. AF operated some flights via JNB in the early 1990's but stopped since.

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