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Unidentified Aircraft Intrudes In Indian Airspce

Fri Oct 04, 2002 12:39 am

According to news reports just coming in, an unidentified transport aircraft intruded into Indian Airspace and was in Indian airspace for over 45 minutes. The aircraft intruded into the state of West Bengal from Bangladesh and flew at a low altitude over the town of Dinajpur for over 30 minutes before it was picked up by IAF radars. The aircraft sped back across the border as soon as the Eastern Command of the IAF went on high alert. However It managed to dump its cargo which fell into a lake. The cargo, along with the radar computer records are now being examined. Meanwhile the waters of the lake into which it was dropped has turned red.

This incident is a replay of another incident some years back when a Ukrainian An-32, said to be chartered by British intelligence agencies, air-dropped a lethal cargo of Kalashnikov machine guns, ammunition and explosives over the town of Purulia also in West Bengal. These arms were supposedly intended for insurgents fighting the Indian govt. in the North East. That aircraft was Force-landed by IAF MiGs, and a British Intelligence operative, Peter Bleach and 5 Russian crew were arrested. The Russian crew were set free after a lengthy court trial, while Bleach continues to serve his term in an Indian prison.

China and to a lesser extent Britain and the US have been encouraging the insurgents in India’s North Eastern states which have a majority Christian population. But one had hoped that Indian Govt. had learnt its lesson after the previous Purulia airdrop. The current incident is proof that it hasn’t.