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New Hamilton Airline

Mon Oct 25, 1999 8:13 am


Does anyone have any idea/comment on what the new air canada no frills airline is going to be called or what A/C they will use in their fleet. Could it be the old Canadian 737-200's?? Or will they go with new planes??
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RE: New Hamilton Airline

Mon Oct 25, 1999 8:46 am

I suspect they will use AC DC-9s and CP 737's. As you no doubt know, it will have 10 jets and serve 20 cities. I hope it flies Winnipeg-Toronto, We need a lowfare airline on that route. I can go as far as Thunder Bay on WestJet.
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RE: New Hamilton Airline

Mon Oct 25, 1999 8:56 am

There has been speculation that this airline would use surplus Canadian Airlines 737's. However, that fleet is leased, so I would think surplus aircraft could simply be returned to the leasing company. I haven't heard anything on it, but I would expect that the airline would use Air Canada DC-9's. One reason I think this is that somewhere AC had said that it would eventually have "up to 20 aircraft." Where do they get this number? Maybe it's coincidence, but AC has 17 DC-9's in service plus 3 in storage. And I think they would be well suited to their start-up discount airline. But this is all speculation, and I haven't heard anything firm other than what's on AC's webpage, or what they said in interviews with Mr. Milton or at press conferences.

RE: New Hamilton Airline

Mon Oct 25, 1999 10:38 am

Here's another question:
How many people actually think this airline will survive?

There have been a few airlines that have tried flying out of Hamilton in the past, but have been unsuccessful. (I can't remember the airlines though). Hamilton seems to be very good with cargo companies - UPS goes out of Hamilton, to name one, and there are many private planes going from Hamilton, but how many people will actually fly from Hamilton, when they can just go to Pearson International, which is only about an hour or two away by car.

Personally, I would prefer having Westjet come to Toronto's Pearson International than have a new startup airline out of Hamilton, although I will not mind if they would start flying from Hamilton, since it would be really good for the city to have an airline of their own.

I think that if this does go through, they would probably use either 737-200s, or DC9s.