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Anyone Fr Western Part Of KPHX?i See RJs Freqntly!

Sat Oct 05, 2002 4:54 pm

I just can't seem to know why every 2 months or so, I see an RJ (Know it's an RJ because of it's engine sounds when flying) or some sort of Biz Jet that flies in a SE direction. In fact, I've seen an America West RJ flying this way, looking up at the sky.

Also, I understand that PHX Sky Harbor is far from Goodyear, AZ: 16 miles away to be exact, and that the planes that I've mentioned above are flying that low, suggesting they're either:

- Doing a landing (an emergency Ldg?) at one of the municipal airports
- Training AWA Express pilots?

Also, during one of PHX bad weather times, I once saw a jet flying low above our house. It has a blue tail (don't know what it is, can you help identify?) and a flattened out engine bottom (suggesting a 737) flying the same South-easternly direction and also, I know that it's far away from KPHX to land.

My second question is:
-In Phoenix, where do jets most likely be diverted to (which airport) if they decide not to land in PHX for a number of reasons?

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