Canada 3000 Is Great!

Mon Oct 25, 1999 6:36 pm

This summer I took my wife to CYVR for her birthday. We rode 2T(canada 3000) and were very impressed. US airlines could learn alot from this classy operation. Our PANC-CYVR trip was much less expensive than the KSEA run and we were treated well! The food was great and the pilots and FAs very pro. We hope they will keep serving the great land. Anyone know the history and vision of this awesome outfit?
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RE: Canada 3000 Is Great!

Mon Oct 25, 1999 9:58 pm

Its a Chrter airline operating A330's A320's and 757's.
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RE: Canada 3000 Is Great!

Mon Oct 25, 1999 10:38 pm

You can look at info on them on their homepage - I didn't see any "history" section, though.

I've been told they used to be affiliated with Air 2000, and that's also where the name stems from. I think the connection with Air 2000 broke off a while ago, but they decided to keep the name, anyway.

That's about all I know about them. And that they're a charter company, indeed. I've seen them in BRU and a few airports in the UK.

Hope it helps a bit.

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RE: Canada 3000 Is Great!

Tue Oct 26, 1999 12:27 pm

I have flown on C3K 2 times to Toronto from St. Pete, FL and I have loved each trip. All i know about the airline is from their website and from what was said here previously. A little cramped, but I think the fact that I was travelling to my favourite place made it so much more enjoyable. I know, I know, you shouldn't judge the flight by the landing, but each time landing on 6R in YYZ... the pilots got applauded. That was interesting. Looking forward to flying with them again, even tho some canadian buddies told me that they are horrid. *shrug* some ppl dont enjoy the flying experience i guess. tra la.
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RE: Canada 3000 Is Great!

Tue Oct 26, 1999 1:39 pm

I was once told that seating on Canada 3000 is tight, but after flying Air Canada and seeing the amount of leg room on their 767-200s, I can't help but wonder if what Canada 3000 uses is comperable to what those of us used to the likes of Delta and the other US airlines would expect.
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RE: Canada 3000 Is Great!

Tue Oct 26, 1999 1:46 pm

I have to agree - the legroom is tight. I flew a CM 757 YYZ-AMS and YYZ-YVR and the legroom is limited. Their new A330's a better . I recently flew an AA Fokker 100 - YYZ-LGA and I noticed quite a bit more legroom. But you get what you pay for.
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RE: Canada 3000 Is Great!

Tue Oct 26, 1999 9:41 pm

The A330s have a 32 inch seat pitch.

AA 100s have a 31 inch seat pitch (38 in First)