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ROC Question

Tue Oct 08, 2002 6:01 am

I'm from ALB, but have recently moved to ROC. I was wondering how much on average does the airport in ROC experience weather related delays in the winter. Back in ALB it took a good ice storm to ground anything.
I know that they get more snow out here in ROC in the winter, but does the airport handle that quite well.
I was wondering because I have a trip this winter out of ROC and I was wondering what to expect from the airport if it may be snowing quite a bit.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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RE: ROC Question

Tue Oct 08, 2002 7:42 am

Welcome to ROC,Vince.
We get a good deal of lake-effect snow. I can't think of the last time the airport was closed due to weather. Monroe County does a good job with the runways. When I flew out last year to go to Hawaii,it was snowing bad,but our trusty UA 737-300 made it out without delay.
It doesn't go below zero much either,because of the lake.We don't get too many diversions,either. I remember USAir coming in a few times last year and they had to turn back because winds were over company limits. I also remember an A^A MD80 doing 3 go-arounds last winter because snow was blowing so bad at the approach end of r/w 28 they lost visual contact with it.
We get a good variety of planes here,too. We still get DL 727's and Airtran 717's to ATL,UA 737/Airbi to ORD along with ACA CRJ's to IAD and ORD. ACA also uses J41's (cringe) to IAD. NW has DC9's to DTW,USAir has A319/20 and 737's to CLT,PIT & PHL. jetBlue to JFK. COX to EWR and CLE. And Airgeorgian to YYZ with Beach 1900D's.
We don't get UPS,but we get Fed Ex A310's daily along w/727's.Sometimes we see A300's on Sat.
I park on the road that leads to the firestation and haven't been harrassed lately.Just look for the old Cavalier every Sunday around 5pm.
Hope I hepled.
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