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KUL Aerobridge

Thu Oct 10, 2002 5:19 am

I just realized today in KLIA's departure information that there are 2 Air Asia's flight departing from the same gate within 5 minutes of each other. I know KLIA have 2 aerobridge at each of the A and B gates that are even numbered, i.e. A 02, A 04, B02, B 04 etc. The thing is, I don't know that these gates are capable of handling 2 B737s / A320s simultaneously. I had never seen 2 gates being used simultaneously at KUL, not until I checked KLIa's website recently. Has any anybody else seen this happening at KUL before? I know in most European Airports, each gate with 2 aerobrdige is capable fo handling 2 narrow body aircraft, but KUL? There are plenty of gates free (gates A and B only)! Plus, those gates used by Air Asia are mainly used for mixed international/domestic flights since passengers can board the aircraft from 2 different level.
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RE: KUL Aerobridge

Thu Oct 10, 2002 11:07 am

The gates are numbered gate is numbered A02, then A02R and A02L. I think they can service 2 737s
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RE: KUL Aerobridge

Thu Oct 10, 2002 11:45 am

yeap. i believe there is two bridge there. i was confused once when i depart using gate A02 to KCH. i saw there is a A330 and i tought i'm going to be on that plane but unluckly the flight was on B737 park behind the A330. well dats about it. i'm not sure wether gate A02 can accomodate one large aircraft and a B737. but i'm sure dats the situation going on at that time.
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RE: KUL Aerobridge

Thu Oct 10, 2002 7:15 pm

I discovered this practice too the last time I flew with MAS in Aug. I guess its a very efficient way of untilising a gate without spreading too many personnel all over the tarmac.
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