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Air New Zealand - 744 Business Class NRT-CHC-AKL?

Thu Oct 10, 2002 11:06 pm

Any info about NZ business class on 744? , thanks.
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RE: Air New Zealand - 744 Business Class NRT-CHC-AKL?

Fri Oct 11, 2002 7:17 pm

Nice service, attentive staff. The look after you as they should for business class, but nothing to write home about (as compared to their economy service which is stunning vs. other economy). Although the international economy class service is a long way ahead of the competition, the first and business products seem to have fallen behind a little.

The AirNZ lounge's are quite good, esp. in Auckland. The cabin feels a little cool with the teal/blue/black seating, and the seats are very comfortable even though they are reasonably old compared to today's standards. There is plenty of recline in the seats, and legroom galore. The seats are made out of what feels like wool (in texture).

The PTV's on the 744 are only around 3.5" diag., pretty small, and I seem to have no end of trouble with the legrests (all manual controls)... really need a pillow under your legs.
Only other thing is the main course.. great entree, nice desert, but the main is dissapointing, looks just like the economy one, but in ceramic rather than tin-foil.