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Does JetBlue Have "Automatic" Announcements

Fri Oct 11, 2002 10:20 am

Does jetBlue have Automatic Announcements on their planes. I noticed this little Console right next to the L1 Door that had a bunch of numbers and a directory thing on it. I think it had to do with the announcements. J & B, do y'all know anything (Dazed767, and NonRevKing)?
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RE: Does JetBlue Have "Automatic" Announcements

Fri Oct 11, 2002 11:23 am

All A320s have a CIDS panel next to the L1 door. It's up to the individual airline as to how they are used.
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RE: Does JetBlue Have "Automatic" Announcements

Fri Oct 11, 2002 1:30 pm

Negative. All of JetBlue's F/As do the emergency pre-takeoff briefings the old fashioned way.

- Neil Harrison
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RE: Does JetBlue Have Automatic Announcements

Fri Oct 11, 2002 1:48 pm

You are correct, jetBlue F/A's perform all the announcements, there are no automated announcements on JBU's aircraft.
The CIDS panel is a smaller panel to the left (outboard side) of the Flight Attendant Panel (FAP). The FAP is what is used to adjust the cabin lighting (including turning on or off the passenger reading lights) as well as adjusting the volume of any passenger entertainment system. Currently with JBU aircraft there is only the Direct TV which is only controlled at the FAP for "ON - OFF", volume, channel selection, contrast are all individually controlled at the passenger seat. Some of the JBU a/c are provisioned for an additional entertainment system, but is not currently utilized.