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No More CO Mainline @ GSO

Fri Oct 11, 2002 11:15 pm

I flew out of the Piedmont Triad airport in Greensboro recently to IAH on CO and a guy I was sitting with commented that CO Express was completely taking over and mainline was leaving soon. He was One Pass and likes the upgrades on the longer flights down to IAH. I checked travelocity and it appears that he was correct. The flight I was on was full but perhaps that isn't always the case and then of course there is always the question of yield. If CO can make more money putting the big jets somewhere else, that's what they are in existence for, to make money. It's just a bit sad for us aviation enthusiasts. I remember the CO Lite days when GSO was teeming with many CO mainline flights. I also noticed on this board and by press release that AA is pulling their two mainline flights to DFW also.
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RE: No More CO Mainline @ GSO

Fri Oct 11, 2002 11:42 pm

CO hasn't had mainline at GSO since their bankruptcy. We used to have mainline to IAH and EWR (on top of the Numerous ones to other destinations with CO Lite). On top of that, they backed us out of Cleveland totally.

My company flies CO alot to go to texas and we've never been on one of their Express flights that wasn't overbooked.

I'm all for airlines making money and pulling mainline service like this, but flying an RJ halfway across the country sucks.
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RE: No More CO Mainline @ GSO

Sun Oct 13, 2002 3:40 pm

CO came out of their last chapter 11 in spring 1993. They didn't immediately replace mainline at GSO at that time. I don't even think they had Express Jets in 93 anyway. Besides my father (now retired) flew the MD 80 there sometimes in mid to late 90s.

Anyway I just wanted to comment that COS-IAH is now ALL Express Jet as well, no more mainline there either...I don't like it, but in this climate all carriers must look at every flight and route for adjustment for revenue enhancement.