Fuel Consumption

Tue Oct 26, 1999 7:51 pm

What is the approximate fuel capacity and consumptions of the following aircraft?
1)AIRBUS A 340
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RE: Fuel Consumption

Wed Oct 27, 1999 2:16 am

Sorry I can't be of too much assistance in this, in that I only have fairly basic info on the A340-300 and here are a few guideline figures, from which you will see it's quite difficult to give one figure. As you know, it depends on weight and altitude and of course, an aircraft flying a long haul trip will use a lot more fuel early on, because of the very weight of that fuel.

expressed as KG/Hr per engine (i.e multiply by four!)
Weight 200t, FL 240 (the highest I have here!)
1633 (or 6532 total).
At 250t, the consumption is 1906, or 7624 total, again for 240.
Alternatively, a lighter aircraft, at 180t, at 160, (for example, flying from Dublin to Shannon) would burn just under 1400, or 5600t total. Obviously, for a long flight, well into the cruise, you would be looking at a figure of much less than the 7624 listed above, although you might well start off with this sort of burn and average about 6.5-7 tons per hour over an 11 hour trip (this is rather rough guesswork), so based on this an aircraft on such a flight, eg from JNB to Madrid would require:
Trip 77t
Hold 5 (based on 170t at FL120 for 1 hr)
Divert 5 (based on diversion to BCN at 240)
Total 87t

Not really what you wanted I know, but I hope it points you in the right direction at least.
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RE: Fuel Consumption

Wed Oct 27, 1999 3:27 am


Not gonna tell you how to build a watch   but have to advise you that there's probably a couple of different choices that the manufacturer gives the customer airline with respect to max fuel capacities and operating weights. Actual fuel consumptions can also vary, depending upon what engines the customer chooses. May not be the case here, but I'd suggest you start with the manufacturers themselves. Boeing has a site at and I'm sure that Airbus probably has one as well. If there's no detailed information that meets your needs, I'd head for their marketing departments... Happy hunting...
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