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AirLib Express To Add More Domestic Routes

Sat Oct 12, 2002 8:13 pm

Starting October 28 AirLib Express will add three more domestic routes to be operated on a daily basis with MD-83s:

It looks like AirLib Express would be doing quite well. What about the financial situation of the AirLib group. I heard AirLib would make losses on nearly all of their longhaul routes to the Caribbean and to Réunion. What about their flights to North Africa (Algeria and Libya) and their plans to add flights to West Africa (Abidjan, Dakar etc.)?

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RE: AirLib Express To Add More Domestic Routes

Sat Oct 12, 2002 10:12 pm


They have been denied traffic rights to Western Africa, because of their lack of experience on the market but also because Air France is already facing fierce competition on prices with all the start-up operators.

The airline is not on the stock markets, so they don't publish their results on a regular basis. Don't quote me on this, but they pay the fee to keep their accounts undisclose. Most companies who do this want to keep secret their results, R&D costs, etc. It seems the reasons are different for Air Lib...

They're hoping to build momentum with the Tripoli route. has reproduced an article from Le Parisien: Air Lib will have to pay back the French state for the funds it got before 09 November 2002: some €35 million!

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