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Euroctontrol Maastricht

Sun Oct 13, 2002 12:13 am

Hi Folks,

I am about to aply for a job as an air traffic controller in Maastricht. I got a nice introduction CD from them. (get it of their site, it is quite good).
I was wondering if anybody here as ever aplyed for a job as ATCer in Maastricht or anywere else? I am wondering what it is like to go for an interview. If the tests are difficult, and more of that stuff.
Thanx in advanced for your answers.

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RE: Euroctontrol Maastricht

Mon Oct 14, 2002 11:02 pm

I've never applied for a job with Eurocontrol,but i guess the requirements are as stringent as they are in any other control center.
Eurocontrol is in charge of a big and live air space,and so the competence of its controllers should be !!!

I guess it would be a simulation of traffic than an ordinary interview !!!

Go on and good luck.It is a chance to work there !!!