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The Neighborhood(s) Around Kai Tak..

Sun Oct 13, 2002 11:37 am

On the numerous pictures I've seen, Kai Tak is almost completely surrounded with those tall buildings...
Are those like the "Chinese" projects cause I don't know anyone who'd live in that big of a building near an airport? or are they in a respectable neighborhood. It musta be kinda cool for spotting puposes to live in one of those buildings, but probably sucks cause of all the noise..
I don't see how a plane never crashed into one of those buildings... With all those heavies flying so low over the buildings, you'd think some plane would have messed up and crashed...

Is this the reason Kai Tak was closed...
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RE: The Neighborhood(s) Around Kai Tak..

Sun Oct 13, 2002 12:04 pm

Kai Tak was closed mainly because it had reached its capacity, there was no way of extending the airport and to give the long-suffering people of Kowloon City a break! The buildings near the vicinity of the flight path were restricted to 12 storey height and the whole skyline of this part of the territory was quite uniform in this respect, Now with Chek Lap Kok open, much higher buildings are being constructed.

As for plane crashes into the buildings, I cannot recall an incident of an airliner crashing into the buildings around Kai Tak, there have been several instances of mishaps on the runway (or aircraft ending up in the harbour) but most airliner crashes occurred on the opposite side of the airport on the ridge between Mount Parker and Braemar Hill which was responsible for the crash of a Cathay Pacific C-47 (VR-HDG) in 1949 and a Thai DC-4 of POAS in 1951, both incidents occurring in bad weather.
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RE: The Neighborhood(s) Around Kai Tak..

Sun Oct 13, 2002 8:31 pm

Farman is correct, I didn't see any potential danger with the buildings. I lived on one of the buildings just to the left of the approach (Beacon Hill) and it was great for spotting (if I had taken it up then). I couldn't see how a plane would have hit any buildings on approach unless it dived down very very low. But I think what has to be taken into account is that airliens that flew into Kai Tak, put their best pilots for this route.

Considering amount of aircraft Kai Tak handled, it's had less mishaps than many other 'normal' airports.

Again, as Farman pointed out, the closure was due to the airport reaching its capacity.

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