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Oh My God, The 777-300X Will Be Over 80Ms Long!

Wed Oct 27, 1999 10:19 pm

Boeing is into studying a further stretch of the 777-300X by 8 meters to seat around 60-80 more passengers!!! The aircraft will be a potential 747-400 replacement targeting many Asain airlines such as Korean Air and CX. I think its great !

Now that the 777-300X will be over 80meters long, I am quite curious to see what it will look like? A london tube? Ha! By the way, Boeing said the range will be around 13,500km. I don't believe this beacuse the aircraft is being enlarged, and therefore becomes heavy and requires more power and fuel. One suggestion-why not enlarge the wing to hold more fuel!

There are now a few airlines studying at the design and the -300X seems quite attrative too!
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RE: Oh My God, The 777-300X Will Be Over 80Ms Long!

Wed Oct 27, 1999 10:25 pm

Makes you wonder what they will do to prevent tail strikes on rotation. Extend the landing gear ? Multiple stepped rotation ? VTOL ? Who is to say.
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AF To Replace Its 744 ?

Thu Oct 28, 1999 3:02 am


I think AF could replace its 13 747-400 by this new model, as their 744's fleet in quite small.

Who has got an idea about the price for such an a/c ?

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RE: Oh My God, The 777-300X Will Be Over 80Ms Long!

Thu Oct 28, 1999 4:39 am

Now we just have to sit and wait for the A340-700X.

No A340-700 Please

Thu Oct 28, 1999 5:27 am

The new 777 would be called 777-400 I guess since there will be already a B777-300ER. No wonder it will be ugly as hell, as ugly as a A340-700 (too narrow body to stretch it even further) would be, which will probably require different wings than in the A345/A346.
The -700 wont happen: Airbus will be too busy putting the A340NG & the A318 into the market, develop the A3XX while trying to find a replacement for the A300/A310