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Premium Economy On LH?

Thu Oct 17, 2002 7:02 pm

I am flying from Europe to Washington on 30 October and returning 4 November. My choices across the pond in economy class are BA from LHR or LH from FRA. I'm really hoping to get a lot of work done on the flights, so I'd like to be seated in Premium Economy because there are laptop power ports. I am a "status" flier on both airline's alliances, so I think my chances of getting a PremEcon seat are good, if they are available.

I looked all over LH's site, and I couldn't figure out if they offer Premium Economy on their 744s. I'm taking LH418/419. My other option is BA225 (on a 772) and return BA222 (744). BA's site is also unclear, but it appears they have World Traveller Plus (premium economy) on both those flights.

So, does anyone know if LH offers premium economy on their 744s FRA-IAD?


RE: Premium Economy On LH?

Thu Oct 17, 2002 7:20 pm

Lufthansa does not offer any premium economy class service as of now.
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RE: Premium Economy On LH?

Thu Oct 17, 2002 7:21 pm

No premium econ from LH, just econ/bus/first
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