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MAS To Get 2 Extra Frequencies Into Paris-CDG

Fri Oct 18, 2002 11:32 pm

MAS told reporters today that they are going to introduce 2 additional frequencies into Paris-CDG, thus increasing their frequency from 3 weekly to 5 weekly services. These new frequencies are expected to be introduced in March 2003, when the Summer 2003 schedules begin.

MAS initially wanted to introduce these extra frequencies for the Winter 2002/2003 schedules, but the application for extra frequencies were only granted in mid-September. MAS need to provide enough time for advance sales and thus, these extra frequencies were delayed till March 2003.

Does this means that Air France and MAS are going to code-share on this route? And maybe an invitation to join Skyteam will follow suit? MAS had always wanted to increase their capacity at Paris-CDG, but were unable to do so for a long time. French authorities cited that there are currently no French carriers operating in Malaysia, and hence, MAS is unable to increase their capacity into Paris-CDG. Or could it be that 2 submarines that the Malaysian Defence Department bought from France had made the French authorities to reverse their decision?
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RE: MAS To Get 2 Extra Frequencies Into Paris-CDG

Sun Oct 20, 2002 1:14 am

What days will the flights be operating? Will they still be 747s or 777s?
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RE: MAS To Get 2 Extra Frequencies Into Paris-CDG

Sun Oct 20, 2002 2:55 am

Thats good news!!! I believe it will still be a B744s since all flights to and from CDG are very packed and waiting list is often closed...

Moreover, I dont think they have enough B777s and even their A330s are utilised more for Asian routes. Would be good if 9M-MKB wasn't destroyed. Any idea how much loss -MKB costed MH?