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AA/UAL Fleet

Thu Oct 28, 1999 2:35 am

I was wondering if anyone knew the exact number of A/c in UA's fleet. Im curious because Americans fleet has increased so much this year. As of the end of the 3rd Quarter, 703 aircraft were in American's fleet. Is AA near taking the title of world's largest airline away from United(In terms of aircraft)?
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RE: AA/UAL Fleet

Thu Oct 28, 1999 3:25 am

I thought AA was already larger than UA in terms of fleet size.
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RE: AA/UAL Fleet

Thu Oct 28, 1999 3:51 am

Hi!!From what I can find out, UA has 589 planes active in the fleet. AA has 710 planes active in their fleet. One reason AA have so many more is that they recently integrated Reno Air into its fleet and they also finally have started to get new planes to replace older. Take Care Lars Victorin
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RE: UAL Fleet

Thu Oct 28, 1999 7:27 am

592 A/C in fleet..This includes 4 dc-10-30 Frtrs..With 6 more deliveries this year..1 767-300 2 777IGW's and 3 A320's..

May retire a few more dc-10-10's but cant find schedule..

We are retiring a Dc-10-30 in DEC..maybe it goes to Frtr ops..

RE: AA/UAL Fleet

Thu Oct 28, 1999 1:17 pm

American has long, if not always, had a larger fleet than United. Since the breakup of the Soviet Union and Aeroflot, American has operated the largest fleet of aircrfat outside of the US military.