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-Are You Taking Your Own Meals On Flights Now Days

Sun Oct 20, 2002 3:14 am

Its been some time since I have flown on a long flight, so I have a question for some of you guys.

How many of you take food on a flight and what do you take?
Do you take a Subway footlong or a Burger King bag? Or do you just take a candy bar, maybe you try to do the healthier bag of nuts.

The reason I bring this question up is that MidWest Express (or is it Airlines yet) is downgrading (though it will still probably be better than other airlines service) their meal services a little bit.

I have always considered myself to be self sufficient. If I am going to be on a plane for some time I try to take along a good amount of food. If I have an early morning flight I get it together the night before.

Is there anyone else out their that does the same? What do you take along to snack on? And is their anyone out there who is like me, just happy to get somewhere (with the window seat of course) on time and in one piece?
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RE: -Are You Taking Your Own Meals On Flights Now Days

Sun Oct 20, 2002 3:36 am

Eat before you fly, maybe bring some candy bars for if you get hungry on long flights.
Maybe take an emergency bottle of water, but no more.
It's not as if they are going to keep you locked in that cabin for days.

The human body can go almost a week without food (and that's not counting our well-stocked fat reserves in the west), but no more than about 48 hours without water. So taking water (NOT alcoholic drinks) is far more important.
And then only on long flights. On short flights there is really no need.
I wish I were flying