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Midway Airlines/US Airways Express

Sun Oct 20, 2002 4:56 am

Has Midway Airlines started its' US Airways Express operations yet? Everything I keep reading is that they were supposed to have started US Airways Express ops the first of October. Midway's website hasn't been updated since they suspended ops back in July, so there's no news on whether they have started flying again. I've checked on US Airways' site as well, and all they had were press releases announcing the new partnership. And there was nothing on the pages on US Airways Express about Midway Airlines being a US Airways Express partner.
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RE: Midway Airlines/US Airways Express

Sun Oct 20, 2002 5:31 am

They (Midway) just received DOT approval yesterday and I believe they are awaiting financing. At any rate, no, they have yet to fly a single CRJ for US Airways and from what I am told it will be December at the very earliest.