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Airside Vs. Landside Concourses

Sun Oct 20, 2002 11:10 pm

Why might an airport want an airside councourse (terminal whatever) rather than a landside one? It just seems more of an inconvenience to me to have to walk under some tunnel or take a train just to get to the gates...here at MIA, while not the greatest of airports, things are simple because all (ok E) the concourses are like piers (some airports call them that). Now, with concourse E....its a pain (not a major one but still one nonetheless..) to take the stupid train out there. Why not just have 1 extended concourse? A lot of airpots in the US have airside terminals (I can think of SEA, ORD, MCO, TPA, CVG, PIT, ATL, DEN, MIA, IAD) plus tons in Europe/Asia....To jump to the point, my main question is, what are the advantages of each? Is airside much safer? Thanks...

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RE: Airside Vs. Landside Concourses

Mon Oct 21, 2002 12:37 am

Actually, TPA has a short walking distance from the parking garage to the gate, provided one doesn't pace up and down in the on-average 45 second train ride. What benefits this short walking distance is that the main short-term garage is right above the main landside terminal, so all that is involved is the walk to the elevators to take one to the landside terminal. According to the airport homepage, the typical walking distance is 1000 feet.

Pier-designed terminals do indeed have a short walking distance, provided there are moving sidewalks that people can ride on, which MIA lacks at Concourse G. I do not know if there are moving sidewalks at the other concourses.

Theoretically, linear-designed terminals, like MCI, have the shortest walking distance to the gate.

One can write an epistle on this subject, as there is also the issue of whether hardstanding aircraft and transporting passengers via a bus can cancel walking distances.
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RE: Airside Vs. Landside Concourses

Mon Oct 21, 2002 12:43 am

As for Atlanta have a 5 concourses there, by A, B, C, D and E. That's is very busiest hub at the Delta and AirTran, too. That is alot's of the crowd into the ATL airport and that is easier connection of the hub by Delta and AirTran and also, that is alot of the internationa flight are coming in from Atlantic flight of Europe, Asia, Latin American and Caribbean, too. So hope this is your helps. Thanks!!