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AMS Flight Information On The Monitors En TV-text

Wed Oct 23, 2002 9:41 am

Just take a look at this Dutch TV text page from the AMS arrivals, and check the VARIG flight:

yep, no airport included....the strange thing is, everytime there is a brand new destination to/from AMS (Porto Alegre in this case), you'll see the same thing on the text pages and on the monitors at AMS, for example: when KLM started their flights to Abuja, the only destination noticed on the airport monitors was Kano, and no destination at all at the TV text pages. And at the moment, the only destinations shown for the RG-flight are CDG and GRU at the airport monitors....

and my question is ofcourse: what's up with this....are the moderators having trouble putting POA in the AMS destination list? or something like that?

Is there anybody here who can explain this strange thing to me.....because I just don't understand this........

thanks in advance for the answer(s)


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