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Ode To The Baby Boeing

Mon Oct 28, 2002 6:20 am

been away for a long time; not going soft; just older and wiser...

There were times when I would shudder at the gate when I saw you
“Its not fair, it’s always a 73. Why not a bus? Why not an MD80?”
After all, you have a tail with a mind of its own.
United, COPA, USAir and others have been undone by your tricks
Those noisy P&W’s, the dented hulls, the fading paint
But things have changed.
You’re now mature, quiet and efficient. You’ve been re-born
You have now delivered me more than 50 times safely home. Back to my love, back to friends and family
You’ve taken me out of a snowy Chicago winters day
You’ve guided me safely through Far Eastern thunderstorms
You’ve given me security in the midst of a cold and windy Northern European night
You’ve dropped me off is steamy Central America
You’ve allowed me to stare at the azure blue Med from your windows
You’ve awoken my senses as the snowy Alps pass under your wing on a brilliant clear day
You’ve thrilled me with jump seat rides into Budapest and Langkawi
I’ve seen Belize, The Bay, Guatemala, KL, Bangkok, London, Cologne, Naples and all host of cities and places thanks to you
You’ve taken me to places I could only dream of as a boy.
I really rather like you now
I’m at the gate: “Oh good, it’s a 73”
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