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El Al To Hong Kong..

Sat Oct 30, 1999 12:52 am

Over what countries does El Al fly to Hong Kong? Certainly not due East over Syria or Iraq/Iran?

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RE: El Al To Hong Kong..

Sat Oct 30, 1999 1:05 am

As far as I'm aware the routes to the far east take the aircraft north over Turkey, then over the CIS and east towards India (with which Israel has relations). Now I'm sure BKK flights take that route, but HKG flights may take the same route as flights to Beijing, ie across China (always a good way to get to Beijing!!) and down towards Guangzhou and HKG. For a 767 that might be best, as it would be considerably shorter. The delivery of the A330-200 will make life considerably easier for EL AL on this and other Asian routes, as it will have a longer range and better t/o and payload lift performance than the 767.
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RE: El Al To Hong Kong..

Sat Oct 30, 1999 3:23 am

The last time I saw an El Al timetable, a few years back this is, the route operated via Tashkent in Uzebekistan, so the go north around Turkey and across central Asia that way. There are no traffic rights between TAS and HKG though.