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No More Domestic Widebodies On NW

Wed Oct 30, 2002 6:26 am

I just got back from a trip to Memphis on Northwest on Sunday night. I spent some time perusing one of the last printed NW timetables while on the plane, and came to the realization that Northwest now has no domestic U.S. widebody service (excluding Hawaii). In retrospect this shouldn't have surprised me, since I knew the NW DC-10-40 fleet has been retired, but I thought maybe some of the DC-10-30s might be doing tags on to MSP from DTW or something, or even 747s doing shuttles between MSP and DTW like they used to run. No dice.

To my knowledge this is the first of the old-line U.S. "major" carriers to go completely narrow-body on domestic U.S. flights. I'm of course not counting Southwest, since they never owned a widebody and only in the last 15 years became what one would consider to be a "major" carrier. But American, Delta, United, Continental, and US Airways all still have some domestic widebody flights, even if only a few.

On the plus side, I saw several of NW's DC-10-30s while changing planes at DTW, and they looked great. I'm used to seeing NW's DC-10s looking like something the cat dragged in. They really do look nice in fresh paint. I also saw my first 757-300s - one in DTW and one in MEM.
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RE: No More Domestic Widebodies On NW

Wed Oct 30, 2002 7:36 am

When NW gets the A330's, I think you will see them being utilized on certain domestic routes. Obviously, until they get enough of the type, the 10's will be replaced on Intl. routes first, and may go back to domestic flights, then retire. The 753 isnt a widebody, but, it is a heavy. I heard it with my own two ears on approach to North Island this past weekend.