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USAirways A330

Sat Oct 30, 1999 3:36 pm

I was looking at flights for my trip to paris this summer, and I saw a itinerary for
a USAirways flight from Philadelphia to CDG on an A330, when is USAirways supposed to be acquiring these aircraft, and when they do I would really like to see a picture of it in their colors.
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RE: USAirways A330

Sat Oct 30, 1999 7:10 pm

The first A330 is due to arrive from Toulouse to USairways in December of this year, with a further 6 arriving throughout 2000. Depending on the time it arrives you may see it operating the busy Christmas season, and from next year you'll see a lot more of them.
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RE: USAirways A330

Sat Oct 30, 1999 11:07 pm

US Airways has delayed the start of service for the A-330 until May of 2000.
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RE: USAirways A330

Sun Oct 31, 1999 5:05 am

Didnt know we were ordering them but I cant wait for the A340's. I hate the 767's.
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Delay Is Airbus, Not US Airways

Mon Nov 01, 1999 1:41 am

You stated that "US Airways delayed the start of service for the A-330." This is true, but it is because Airbus is falling behind on its delivery schedules not by US Airways choice. US Airways wants more wide-bodies as soon as they can get them (they've been looking for used 767s in GOOD CONDITION all year). They're loosing business due to aircraft shortages every day.

Airbus is learning a lesson that Boeing learned 18 months ago. That lesson is that selling more aircraft is one thing, ramping up production and delivering those same jets is another.
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RE: USAirways A330

Mon Nov 01, 1999 5:31 am

I just want to ask you wheter you know if the A330 will fly to Munich, Germany, too
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RE: USAirways A330

Mon Nov 01, 1999 6:38 am

To my knowledge, the A330 will fly to all Atlantic destinations that the 767 currently serves, and the 767's will be flying trans-con (US) flights, as well as to Scotland (Glasgow).


RE: USAirways A330...Glasgow?

Mon Nov 01, 1999 1:05 pm

I don't think USAirways currently does, or plans to fly to Glasgow.

They did announce new Manchester service starting next spring.