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UAL/LH Star Relationship

Sun Nov 03, 2002 3:41 am

It seems to me that UAL are more intrested in code shres etc whith in europe whith bmi instead of lh which you woukld think they would so is there realtionship and will to work toghether as stong as UAL bmi and AA BA and AF Delta etc?
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RE: UAL/LH Star Relationship

Sun Nov 03, 2002 8:04 am

I don't think that they will abandon LH at all. Lufthansa offers a lot of very important routes to them that BMI cannot give them. Especially routes to Western Asia and Africa are very vital to them. Plus a lot of more eastern europe destinations are served by Lufthansa and not by BMI at all. United has more flights to LHR than FRA so it could offer more valuable connections to cities in western europe such as Madrid, Nice, Dublin, pus the code-share posibilities within the UK. However, Luthansa is still much bigger than BMI and can offer United more (Don't forget all their US-Germany routes too).

Why is each American carrier only allowed one major European partner?

What's stopping Delta from having stronger ties with Alitalia? American with Iberia? While I know that UA hasn't made the strongest ties with SAS or Austrian, they theoretically could, and should.

BMI and Lufthansa are partners, so why would LH have a problemw with UA-BMI codesharing. I think it'll definately work out for the best.

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RE: UAL/LH Star Relationship

Mon Nov 04, 2002 1:07 am

Everyone is in Star BD, LH and UA. UA and LH started Star with thier alliance in the early ninties in reponse to NW/KLM. LH and UA IMO have VERY close ties. It was LH and UA that loaned AC the money to turn the tables on CP backed by AA. LH knows that without BD, UA can't compete w/ BA and AA with domestic UK connections at LHR. UA likes BD for its UK and Ireland connections where LH normally doesn't have a huge presence. UA just last month formed a codeshare w/ Air Dolimiti (is that spelled correctly?) for its Italian connections, that airline is owned inpart by LH. Later in the same month UA announced that it is closing MXP. Now LH and Air Dolimiti are UA's only link to Italy.
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RE: UAL/LH Star Relationship

Mon Nov 04, 2002 2:26 am

Just to clarify Star was actually started with the UA/AC alliance LH cam on board with both of those airlines a year or so later...Each airline in the alliance uses the other to its maximum benefit, if UA needs BM to carrie people intra-UK then they will use them. It all depends on where the passengers want to go.
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