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Available NRT/KIX Slots

Sun Oct 31, 1999 6:36 am

With the new (the most recent one, that is!) bilateral agreement between the US/Japan, one of the main points was that two new US carriers would be allowed to operate from any US city to Japan.

Two questions:
1. Would this guarantee automatic slots into NRT (Tokyo Narita) and KIX (Osaka Kansai) for the new carriers?

2. Have two new US carriers even come forward to claim these rights?

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RE: Available NRT/KIX Slots

Sun Oct 31, 1999 7:30 am

There may be a special clause for the U.S. carriers, but I'm pretty sure NRT is basically a closed shop at the moment, until the new runway comes on line. KIX has plenty of availability at most times of the day.
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RE: Available NRT/KIX Slots

Sun Oct 31, 1999 3:20 pm

1. No slots guarantee...only the route authourity.
2. TWA expressed interest in STL - NRT but no news there.

Also the new bilateral authourized routes from additional US points so some airlines with slots chose to reshuffle their departure cities. Example AA - ORD/NRT and DFW/NRT. Unused cargo slots to NRT are available but I believe the times are not primo so thusfar they have not been utilized. Also the MOT Japan does not look favourably at the buying/renting of slots and sticks close to the use it or loose it policy which is why some US majors will operate with 30-40 % load factors just to retain the slots with the hope that alliance flying will help fill up the aircraft. The second runway at NRT should help immensely however even with the new bilateral only 2 US carriers have 5th freedom rights to carry paxs beyond NRT/KIX ( NWA & UAL).
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NRT New Runway-great For 767s And Below

Sun Oct 31, 1999 3:57 pm

From what I'm aware of though, the new runway will only accomodate 767 sized aircraft and smaller. It will help of course on the existing runway allowing a very-very modest increase for widebody movements I would think but given the fact that most of NRT's long haul movements are with larger aircraft I tend to believe the effect will be more favorable to the increase of 767 market and below sized flights within Japan and Asia from NRT. Now if they could expand the runway they are working on to match the existing one, then you'd see more much capability.

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RE: NRT New Runway-great For 767s And Below

Sun Oct 31, 1999 4:40 pm

I believe it will be around the 8,000' mark and although MAC_Veteran is quite right that it's ideal for anything of 767 size and below, that's for takeoff. It would be quite reasonable as a landing runway for a 747 which again will relieve stress.

Of course, I'll believe the opening of a new runway when I see it!