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JFK To CDG On A Delta MD-11

Tue Nov 05, 2002 9:21 am

Hi about 3 weeks ago i said that i would be flying to paris on a 777 well now its going to be on an MD-11. If anyone can tell me what a trip would be like on an Md-11 i would apreacate it alot thanks.
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RE: JFK To CDG On A Delta MD-11

Tue Nov 05, 2002 9:23 am

I flew DL MD-11s from ATL to BRU and from BRU to ATL in June of 2000.

All I can say is that they aren't the most comfortable plane out there, but it's still flying! The layout is 2-5-2, so make sure that you have something other than the middle of the middle. The seats are pretty uncomfortable and there is nothing special like PTVs. I find Delta's service to be either good, or almost nonexistant (i.e. the flight attendants disappear), but never rude. The food seems fine to me on longhaul flights. There will definitely be one movie, maybe even two, but I don't think that there is enough time for a third, at least on the flight to CDG. Just enjoy it though because this might be one of your last flights on an MD-11! Delta will be getting rid of most if not all of them by next June I believe.
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RE: JFK To CDG On A Delta MD-11

Wed Nov 06, 2002 2:09 am

Just hope that it's a good day for the MD11 and that it decides not to break down (mechanically, that is). Delta has had many problems/delays with the M11 and I know many employees (f/as, ground staff) who will not be too unhappy to see them disappear. That being said, it is a very handsome looking a/c and as previously mentioned, it may be one of the last chances to ride in a DL M11.

In Y, the legroom varies in pitch between 31 (average) and 33 (pretty good) inches. Service is OK although you now have to pay for alcohol in the back. The crew will likely be very junior as the senior JFK ones avoid the CDG as well as the M11/777 flights like the plague. Unlike other Delta flights at CDG, you will most likely get a gate at Terminal 2C (because of the BOM transit pax). This flight used to be late all the time but its on-time performance has improved significantly in the past two months (they have even padded the M11 flight times 7:10 JFK to CDG compared to 7:00 for the 777).
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RE: JFK To CDG On A Delta MD-11

Wed Nov 06, 2002 2:55 am

Just think, you could be flying on 777's for another 30 years! Not so with the MD-11. Enjoy the flight, its a great aircraft with a real character to it.
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RE: JFK To CDG On A Delta MD-11

Wed Nov 06, 2002 3:28 am

I can't beleive you would have to pay for alcohol on an international flight. On Amercian when you fly international you get alcohol for free and as much as you want even in Economy class!

You're right about the MD-11. I'm not as infatuated with the MD-11 as I am infatuated with the 727 but still I agree it's time to fly on one before it's too late. Delta will have then for another year. American got rid of them already. Finnair still has them. KLM still has them too, I saw one taking off in San Francisco the other day.

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RE: JFK To CDG On A Delta MD-11

Wed Nov 06, 2002 3:33 am

I flew on a DL MD-11 on the CDG-ATL run this year. I really enjoyed the flight and found the seats and pitch very comfortable (baring in mind I am 6ft 1). Sure there are no PTV's but the fact that it was my first MD11 ride more than made up for that! I plan to get on another one in Feb next year, just to say goodbye one last time. Hope you enjoy the flight.
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