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Delta 777-200 Schedule Extended To 4-1-00

Sun Oct 31, 1999 11:27 am

Delta Airlines have updated there schedule for the Boeing 777-200 until April 1, 2000. From what it looks like additional ones are to be delivered because 2 are flying from MCO-ATL, while others are going to LGW from ATL and CVG at the same time. In addition Concorde flights can now be booked with 200,000 Delta Skymiles.
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RE: Delta 777-200 Schedule Extended To 4-1-00

Mon Nov 01, 1999 2:44 pm

There are four 777's in storage at the Boeing factory at Everett,ships 7003/4/5 and 7006. These are tentatively scheduled for delivery in December. Ships 7007 and 7008 are in the final stages of completion and are also scheduled for delivery in december. All this is depending on the outcome of the pilot vote for the proposed pay/work rules for the 777. They are to vote on or near Nov. 4.