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Australia And Singapore...Here I Come!

Sun Oct 31, 1999 7:49 pm

Hi all

Well, this is my last posting before Im off on my travels tomorrow morning, 1/11/99  

Looks like my flights Singapore to Perth and vice verse will be operated by 777's. I was hoping one would be an A340. Being a European (Built on Scottish Beef!!) I will give you all an indepth, honest report on the 777. This will be my first time flying on one.

I hope you all behave yourselves on the forum and I will be back near the end of November with millions of photos, hours of video footage and plenty of memories to tell you all about my flight experiences with the fantastic Singapore Airlines.

I know from this forum that people like shots of inside cabins, etc. so hopefully I will get some of these to show you all, possibly flightdeck shots.

Finally, thanks to all who responded to my messages over the past months about my flights etc. You know who you are!

Regards to all

Gary Watt
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RE: Australia And Singapore...Here I Come!

Sun Oct 31, 1999 8:16 pm

Have a ball, Granite - I'm sure you'll have a terrific time with SIA. No doubt you'll be making a bee-line for the jump seat on the 777s. Let us know how you get on and have a safe trip!