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Delta #1127

Mon Nov 01, 1999 11:45 pm

I will be flying Delta #1127 Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale Feb. 25. I believe this flight uses a 767-300. Does this flight continue on to Europe or somewhere else as this seem a large aircraft to be used on such a short flight? Chris
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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 3:56 am

Delta regularly uses large planes to Florida. On this particular route Delta operates ten flights daily. Five with 767s, four with large L-1011s and only one with a 757. On an even bigger scale, Delta regularly operates a 777 from Atlanta to Orlando. The planes are often full. Also, flooding the markets with seats to these cities really sticks it to the competition AirTran and their smaller DC-9s.
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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 4:19 am

Delta operates two different models of the 767-300. On domestic flights, such as yours, it operates the standard -300 model, powered by CF6-80A2 engines (it was the first airline to introduce the -300). These are configured for 24F and 230Y passengers, 254 in all, plus 8 crew. Some of the later domestic -300s are however powered by PW4000 engines (only 4).

The international fleet is composed of PW and GE powered -300ERs (most of the GE powered -300ERs are from Gulf Air). These seat 48 in Business and 147Y.

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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 4:20 am

I actually thinks some airlines prefers the large aircrafts of their choice depending on the stops. On August, 1985.... Delta #191 used an L1011 from Ft Lauderdale nonstop to Dallas/Ft Worth as #191, is no longer in operation after the crashed. Some flight(s) does makes stop-overs using the same aircraft they needs. Atlanta To Tampa uses the L1011's, and the 767's. American Airlines uses the MD-11 on the Dallas/Ft. Worth / Chicago Ohare operations.
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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 7:35 am

Delta airlines operates many 767-300s, 757 and md-80/90 out of jacksonville on flights to and from dallas, cincinatti and atlanta, Jacksonville isnt a very large airport but when I flew from ATL-JAX it was on a 767-300er it was only a 45 min flight and it was very full.
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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 11:19 am

Despite what someone above said, the first operator of the 767-300 was Japan Air Lines. But anyways, I flew a noontime 767-200 from Miami to Atlanta on Delta, it was my first 767 flight, and let me tell you, missing your flight in the early 90's was a dream comet true. I was supposed to be on a non-stop 727 from Miami back to Boston, but in the end, I was in charge of reading the time on the tickets. I read them wrong  . We get to the airport and get told that the plane had left. Not only did I get to spend I an extra day in Florida, I got to fly home on a 767 to the Kingdom of Delta, and then a 727 to Boston.

In Boston they often fly smaller planes more often. For instance, Continental's EWR-BOS is the most travelled route in their network, par flights, not passengers. The Boston-New York Region (LGA, JFK, HPN, EWR) is the second most travelled route in the country, by pax, yet on those routes, bo plane larger than a 737-800 is used. United flys 737's, and A320's to IAD. AA flys around 15 daily flights to ORD, I think one of those flights is on a 757, the rest are on 737's, F100's, and MD-80's. I don't know why it matters if a larger plane flys a route less often, than a smaller plane more often.

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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 1:47 pm

When an airline does that (increases frequency but uses smaller aircraft) makes it easier for passengers to find times that suit their schedual or whatever, but when its a matter of 1 or 2 minutes like there are 3
memphis-minneapolis flights that leave within minutes of each other on an A320, I think that isnt very smart but, I guess thats how they do it.
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RE: Delta #1127

Tue Nov 02, 1999 2:24 pm

You can get a nice variety of Delta aircraft into New Olreans. From Atlanta, DL offers 9 nonstops......1 727, 2 738's, 3 757's, 2 767's, and 1 763. Also 757 service to and from SLC, LAS(757, 767, and 763 alternate on this route year round), and from DFW. Continental brings in a 757 from IAH, and United offers 4 daily 757 flights. Overall not bad........not as good as TPA/FLL though.

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