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Has Anyone Used

Wed Nov 13, 2002 11:28 am

Like the topic said, has anyone used before or even heard of them? They offer prices soooo cheap to Bangkok and many other stuff too for a great vacation in Thailand! I've never used it and I just want to ask those people that have used it this: If I am to book with them and choose Northwest from MCO to BKK, what time would they book me and through what city? Because the bad thing about the site is it does not tell you what flight(s) you will be flying on! Of course with NW from MCO to BKK I will most likely to stop at Detroit or Minneapolis or memphis depending on times and in Tokyo Narita, but is there any way to know what flight will put me on if I want to use them?
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RE: Has Anyone Used

Thu Nov 14, 2002 5:32 am

I've used them a couple of times to book flights to BKK. I just called the 800 number to find out the specifics of the flights. I took NW from BOS a couple of years ago. They put me on the DTW to NRT flight. The same plane with a different flight number was used for the flight to BKK.