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Singapore Airlines Load Factor Down 1.7% In Oct.

Sat Nov 16, 2002 3:11 am

Singapore Airlines announced that overall load factors in October increased 6.9% to 72.2% compared to 2001 figures, and decreased 1.7% compared to 2000.

SIA Passenger Capacity increased 4.8% on the year before and increased 7.3% on 2000.
Revenue passenger kilometre increased 19.6% from 2001 and decreased 0.008% on 2000.
1 275 000 passengers were carried in October, compared to 1 096 000 in October 2001 and 1 284 000 in October 2000.

SIA Cargo Capacity increased 11.7% on the year before and increased 9.8% on 2000.
Revenue tonne kilometre increased 19.3% from 2001 and increased 12.4% on 2000.
93 400 000kg of freight were carried in October, compared to 80 500 000kg in October 2001 and 87 300 000kg in October 2000.

"It's been inflated by the extremely depressed level in October last year. "The scope of the increase is not that surprising because other carriers have had the same type of increase," said Philip Wickham, regional airline analyst with ING.

"In general, traffic numbers are better because people are travelling, sentiment has improved," said Ann Lim, an analyst with Daiwa Institute of Research. She also said that SIA appears to have picked up market share from European and American cargo flights which have pulled out from some international routes.

"Air freight at this time of the year is usually already running at close to 100 percent. The real beneficial impact from this is more on the revenue impact, that is, SIA can charge slightly more which is what they are doing," Wickham said.

Source: Singapore Airlines, Reuters via Yahoo.

More information at the Reuters / Yahoo website

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