Airbus/Boeing Battles In Japan 2003: No A380

Wed Nov 20, 2002 12:02 pm

Airbus, Boeing has begun the latest round of battle, this time in Japan. However, the new battle does not involved with wide-bodies, eg A380.

According to Flight International, ANA is expected to announce 45 firm orders for narrowbodies.

Meanwhile, Bombardied and Embraer are also competiting to win RJ orders from ANA Group.

ANA's rival JAL is also expected to announce new orders for up to 70 or more single-aisle aircraft (wide-bodies didn't mentioned). JAL is expected to issue Request for Proposals (RFP) soon.

The ANA and impending JAL competitions could result in a major shift in the airframe makers' market share.

ANA issued RFP for the 110+ seats aircraft.

Airbus offers A320-family aircraft to replace the 737-500s, currently servine subsidiary ANK (Air Nippon), plus early-built A320. Boeing is fighting hard to offer 737NG.

At this stage, ANA seems to favouring Airbus, but Boeing still have chances towards JAL, an all-Boeing fleet operator (exclude JAS).

ANA is also looking at 80-110 seats RJ, which will be the battle ground for Bombardier and Embraer. It's subsidiary ANK has order Dash8Q-300 and -400.

Bombardier currently dominates Japan's RJ market, with J-Air and Fair are both CRJ200 operators.
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RE: Airbus/Boeing Battles In Japan 2003: No A380

Wed Nov 20, 2002 2:33 pm

I believe Fair (Ana connection) has the CRJ-200?
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