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Air France To Order A330

Wed Nov 03, 1999 2:29 am

After returning the A330's Air France acquired with the acquistion of Air Inter, it is to announce in the next week or so that its ordering brand new ones from the European manufacturer. This time however it is going for the smaller A330-200 model, and it intents to order about 8 to start with and replace the A310/B767 with the new aircraft.
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RE: Air France To Order A330

Wed Nov 03, 1999 3:07 am

Will this impact AF from ordering more 777s?
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RE: Air France To Order A330

Wed Nov 03, 1999 5:02 am

The 777s are ordered to replace the 7471 and 7472, while the 3302 is ordered, as pilot21 said, to replace the 767 and 310, so the 330 order should not have any impact on the 777 order. Add that their next 777 order will possibly be for the 7773, which has different routes than the 3302. They might even someday replace the 7474 with the 7773.
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RE: Air France To Order A330

Wed Nov 03, 1999 6:55 am


I believe tey have ordered 'only' 8 (+5 options) A332 as they plan to order some more B772ER.
Fleet of 763ER, A313, B741, B742 and B744 are in the same airline and I'm sure the strategy is common.

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