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Australian Airlines Plans To China And India

Fri Nov 22, 2002 11:13 pm

Although it is not really something new to most experts here  Smile, but I thought that some of you maybe interested in.

Today, a Singapore-based Chinese newspaper reported that Australian Airlines plans to operate flights to China's leading business city -- Shanghai and another Indian city which hasn't been finally decided. The article says that Australian Airlines hopes these routes may be operated soon next year.

However, there are many people who are having doubt about these routes (especially the one to Shanghai). According to a special report conducted by a Chinese reporter (although he is someone I know, but the report hasn't been released and he doesn't want to be named, so can't tell you more about this) based in Australia, he interviewed many Australians (including Chinese who are living in Australia) from NSW, VIC, QLD, most people clearly replied that they would still prefer to take flights operated by other carriers such as Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Air China and China Southern and so on.

Meanwhile, a lot of Australians have also told that they are unlikely to fly with Australian Airlines to India, but some surveyed people have said that if these new routes are going to be operated from a city like Sydney or Melbourne, then they may have a go with Australian Airlines on these two routes.