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Airport Lounges In Las Vegas?

Wed Nov 03, 1999 1:12 pm


I've been traveling to LAS a lot recently and am SICK AND TIRED of sitting in the waiting areas. I am interested in knowing what (if any) airlines have lounges in McCarran Airport. Please let me know so I can join it. Normally I don't go to the airport until the last possible second; I missed a flight the other day and that's too far. Thanks in advance,


HP Club In LAS

Wed Nov 03, 1999 8:50 pm

There is an HP Club in LAS. Before you enter security there is a corridor that runs down the right side (perpidicular to security check-in) of the concourse. The first door on the left in is the HP Club. For one year, the cost is $200 which is a pretty good value compared to the cost of the some of the other major's airport lounges. Not only do you get the usual amenities that are offered at other lounges, but with their various code-shares (CO and NW), you are entitled to use the clubs of those partners around the world. CO has about 20 or so domestic clubs and I am sure that is equaled by NW. If you are looking for more information and updated costs, you may want to go to their website and click around until you find the icon on the left side of the screen. I hope this was helpful.