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New Regio-jet Rumours

Thu Nov 04, 1999 4:40 am

Eurowings considers to buy 6 Avro RJ-X.

UNI-Air is interested in the 728JET.

ILFC will probably buy up to 100 regio-jets and prefers the 728JET family.

Comair plans to buy either the 328/428JET or the ERJ-135.

Has anyone heard other rumours or talk going around?

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RE: New Regio-jet Rumours

Thu Nov 04, 1999 4:46 am

Hi Flying Tiger; no, didn't hear any of these. Surprised to see Eurowings going for the RJ-X, as it already has A319s and one would have thought that the A318 would have made more sense. Still, they know best.

One thing which does occur is that its becoming a very crowded market in the 80-100 seat area. You have the RJ-X, the Dornier Jet728/928 and the Embraer 190, plus the A318. As BAe/Avro seems to be the last into this market, I wonder are they rethinking it? Even if they aren't, I'm sure there is frenetic behind the scenes talking.

It does seem that the Dornier series is getting the upper hand and an ILFC deal will certainly strengthen its hand.

RE: New Regio-jet Rumours

Thu Nov 04, 1999 6:12 am

I have heard something about Midway looking into stretched versions of the CRJ like the CRJ-700. This came from a JI flight attendant whom I was onboard w/ on a flight from EWR to FLL via RDU.