Australian Republic Colour Scheme?

Thu Nov 04, 1999 8:43 am

If this Saturday Australia becomes a republic (i agree thats IF) do you think either Ansett or Qantas would be bold enough to paint one of their aircrafts to celebrate?
what do think it should be?

I think it should be a giant YES! on the fuselage with a tagline "we did it!"

or maybe a corgie getting the boot!


Thu Nov 04, 1999 12:52 pm

wouldn't be nice to see a yellow Qantas 747-400, you know that really parrot yellow the republican movement uses for the background in its campaign material. And i mean all over yellow man! the only white bit would be the kangaroo on the tail. I would like to see that fly to london.

Oh and for those non aussies who have no idea what the hell i am talking about. Australia on saturday will decide whether to become a republic, replacing the Queen of Austraila (a.k.a. Queen of England) with a President as head of state.
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Qantas Will Still Be British

Fri Nov 05, 1999 5:25 am

Even if australia does become a republic(don't worry, it won't), Qantas will still have British Airways 25% stake to answer too - they won't won't to upset BA now would they?

So, Even if Australia becomes a republic, Qantas, will still be a constitutional monarchy.