737 Elevator Problems!

Thu Nov 04, 1999 7:55 pm

Firstly, did they come to conclusions about the SilkAir flight (737-300) that crashed in Indonesia 2 years ago?
Did they established why it crashed?

Secondly, I recall people mentioning the production line that this plane belonged to, Boeing forogt a line of wivets in the rear elevator, thus causing a potential hazard during flight, can someone please elaborate on this, confirming that it was true, and tell me if this problem was rectified in all the concerned aircrafts.

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RE: 737 Elevator Problems!

Fri Nov 05, 1999 5:38 am

The leading theory reported is pilot-sucide, as the Captain supposedly had some financial problems. You might check for particulars.

As far as the missing rivets are/were concerned, the concensus was that there were a consequence of SilkAir's accident sequence, and not the precipitator of it. True, Boeing did inspect all aircraft, and did find a couple of other missing rivets here and there, but it wasn't anything major from what I recall.
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