A Challenge!

Fri Nov 05, 1999 2:13 am

hi everyone....

for a while now, ive been looking for info on some planes ive spotted, and ive gotten bits and pieces of info on some of them. i visited and other sites like it, but they only give some of the story. im hoping that someone out there has the knowledge on the backgrounds of theses planes. im really looking for: current owners, past owners, if they were once part of an airline (if so, which one(s)) if they were ever leased (if so, to who) or if they were ever charted by anyone special. ill include as much info as i have, other than that i need your help! here is my list:

1. 707 #902 currently flying for the chilean air force

2. 737 N253DV currently being used by the Orlando Magic

3. private 707 N88ZL

4. 707 #8747 currently flying for the venezualan air force

5. boeing biz jet 737 VP-BBJ

6. A310 P4-ABU owned by the sultin for bruni

7. private 727 N31TR

8. 707 N707JT now owned by john travolta

9. planet airways 721 N1910

10. 737 N159PL with atlanta hawks logo

11. private 737 N368CE

12. A300 N102NC once flown for Raitoflug of germany

13. midways old A320 N304ML (what ever happened to it?)

14. World MD11 N278WA (mostly looking for past leasors of this plane)

15. 767 N6373P once flown for air gabon

16. 727 owned by riverhorse investments of park city utah

i know its a lot, but any info would be greatly appriciated! thanks in advance!!!

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RE: A Challenge!

Fri Nov 05, 1999 11:28 pm


Many of your questions can be answered if you use this site:

Aircraft Census lists

Good luck

Best regards Dan