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Westjet Fleet History

Sun Dec 08, 2002 3:51 am

Does anyone know of a website, or can provide a list here, that shows the date of the first revenue flight operated by Westjet for each individual aircraft in their fleet ? Same for last revenue flight for any aircraft that have been retired. Is WJK the only one retired so far ?

FYI this should be there current fleet:

C-FZWS B737-76N
C-GUWS B737-76N
C-GTWS B737-76N
C-GSWE B737-76N
C-GRWS B737-76N
C-GLWS B737-76N
C-FKWS B737-76N
C-FJWS B737-76N
C-FIWS B737-76N

C-GWJK B737-269
C-FAWJ B737-281
C-FTWJ B737-281
C-FIWJ B737-2M8
C-GSWJ B737-2H4
C-FKWJ B737-2H4
C-FLWJ B737-2Q8
C-FCWJ B737-2E3
C-GWWJ B737-204
C-GVWJ B737-281
C-GEWJ B737-2T4
C-GUWJ B737-204
C-GXWJ B737-281
C-GQWJ B737-281
C-GMWJ B737-281
C-GCWJ B737-297
C-FGWJ B737-217
C-GGWJ B737-284
C-GWJU B737-2H4
C-GWJT B737-2H4
C-GWJO B737-2A3
C-GWJE B737-275
C-GWJG B737-275
C-GWJK B737-275C - wfu

Thanks for any help or corrections

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RE: Westjet Fleet History

Sun Dec 08, 2002 7:49 am

The user A330CFBUS should be able to help you out, hopefully he'll see this thread.
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