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Two CEO's. Two Books. Same Thoughts

Sun Dec 08, 2002 5:48 am

Recently, I read two books written by airline CEO's:

"Moments Of Truth" by Jan Carlzon


"From Worst To First" by Gordon Bethune

Altough the styles(as well as the size) of the books were completely different and they were written years apart, I was surprized to see the same main keys. As well Bethune as Carlzon were telling virtually the same things about being a good CEO and nearly the same recipes for success. It was a surprize to me, because both books also represented a completely different persons, but it seemed like both came to the same conclusions.

I would be glad to hear some comments on this.
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RE: Two CEO's. Two Books. Same Thoughts

Sun Dec 08, 2002 10:20 am

I enjoyed Gordon's Book. It has many.....Ah, What the hell, Nobody ever listens to me anyway.  Laugh out loud.

No, Seriously, Gordon Walks the Walk, and Talks the Talk in his book. Whether you have LCAs, within an Airline, or whether you make and bake a cardboard pizza. I enjoyed his tricks of the trade.