Sat Nov 06, 1999 3:52 am

Certain usernames here make me curious as to why they have been chosen. I'd like to know if there's a story or any other reason behind them. Two in particular are Pilot1113 and Cricri. Anybody else, let us know, even if it may seem obvious.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 4:24 am

Maybe you should show us yours before we show you ours!!

Best Regards,

Stretch 8
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 4:28 am

My name isn't aviation related, it refers to the magnificient view I have in the mirror when I step out of the shower (just kidding, sort of). I always loved the super DC-8, and still enjoy seeing the cargo versions.
Maggs swings, it's a drive deep to left! The Tigers are going to the World Series!!!
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CriCri, Stretch 8

Sat Nov 06, 1999 4:50 am

Stretch 8: Ha-ha   I liked yer joke.

Cricri: I'm really curious about your username. When I see it, it reminds me of 3 or 4 years ago when I loved to watch that French TV series "Helen les garsons" or similar. There was a guy (one of my fav. characters) named Christian who had a nickname "Cri-Cri". Are you fan of that series too??  

As for my username, nothing special: Sasha is a shorthand for Alexander in Russia (that's where I'm from and Alexander is my name). The last "A" letter in caps coz of my surname which begins with "A".

RE: Hahaha

Sat Nov 06, 1999 4:52 am

I try and post a SERIOUS qustion here and I get a couple of comedians!   Just kidding, it's nice to see a little humor in here once in a while rather than all the bashing, name-calling, etc. Very funny, Stretch 8.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 7:03 am

US Airways is my all-time favorite airline, so that is why i choose it.

Philadelphia, PA
Go Eagles!


Sat Nov 06, 1999 7:11 am

The Cricri is a small homebuilt frnch airplane. It is the smallest multi Engine aircraft there is. It was bought to the US as the Zenair Cricket but you can not get it here anymore. You have to get the plans frmo France but they will not send them to the US. I am currently looking into the plans and if I choose to get it I will get it sent to my house in the UK.
But I really neat little airplane.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 7:24 am

"AC" because I like Air Canada and A340 because I like the A340

DL 604/Delta/757

Sat Nov 06, 1999 8:14 am

I call myself DL 604 because a while ago Delta was my favorite airline, and their 757, N640DL, wa sint he new livery, which I liked, so I called myself DL 604.
But, since I don't like Delta as much anymore, I might change my name to TPAirlines or something (maybe Talk Talk? J/K!   ).
By the way, I love '80s music, and Talk Talk has one of my fav. songs.
(Remember "It's My Life"? )

DL 604

RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 8:24 am

Hey JET_A, I chose Air Canada because I work for them and because it is my favorite airline. Ta, Ta Phil
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American 767
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 9:29 am

It's that simple: I always fly American and the 767 is the aircraft I have been on the most. I like the 767.

Ben Soriano
Brussels Belgium

Ben Soriano
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 9:37 am

LH423 is the Lufthansa flight from Boston to Frankfurt that departs at 1720. I have flown on this, and still upholds German efficiency, and warmth (the flight left on time, and the FA's were very nice). I tried to get other names, but alas, they were already taken. As the expression goes: To bad, so sad.

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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 9:42 am

Mine has Air because i like airplanes and airlines, T because my name is Tony, and 85 cause thats the year i was born. But my dad and older brother use this username too cause they are too lazy to get here own  
Why would God make us all so different, if He wanted us to be the same?
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 10:05 am

My name seems obvious but I should clarify that the two coasts are the Atlantic and Pacific of the United States. I have homes on both. But these days I feel like Bi-continental...... has many forums. It has spell check and search functions. Use them before posting!
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 10:39 am

My username is pretty simple to explain.

OH-LGA is Finnair's first MD-11. It was also the first MD-11 to:
- be delivered to a customer airline
- make a revenue-generating flight

Plus I've flown on that specific aircraft more and any other aircraft (3 times to be exact)

Moi, (if you're wondering why i always say that, it's Finnish slang for bye!)
Head in the clouds... yet feet planted firmly on the ground.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 11:09 am

CMH is the 3-letter airport code for Port Columbus International Airport, my hometown and all-time favorite airport. I added the "fly" because flying has been a hobby of mine ever since I can remember, and I would also like to see more people flying out of CMH :-).
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 11:39 am

I chose mine because of my affection for Pan Am which I first flew on in August of 1963 in a 707 from Rome to JFK. Bluemeatball refers to the original global tail symbol.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 12:07 pm

I would like to know why someone came up with the icecream_man

On ATA, You're On Vacation
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 12:57 pm

I don't know if I should feel honored or whatever...

Well, here's my explaniation. I needed a name for AOL's Instant Messanger Service that was seperate from my AOL account name (that I don't use anymore!). I chose Pilot. However that one was already taken.   So I decided to go with 111 in memory of SwissAir Flight 111 that had, at that time, recently crashed. Unfortunately, Pilot111 was already taken. So I added up all the digits and it come up with 3. I stuck that at the end. So my AOL IM name became Pilot1113.

For commonality purposes, I kept Pilot1113 on this forum... but not the password!!!  

I hope this suits your need. In case you were wondering, no I didn't lose anyone on that flight. I just wanted to honor them.

- Neil Harrison
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 1:07 pm

Oh... I forgot to add that I am a pilot, although I am a student pilot . I have about 130 hours and 30 of those are cross country. I fly the Piper Warrior.

- Neil Harrison
Student Pilot License#: EE-1981518
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 3:05 pm

Hi all,

I chose Dash8tech because I work avionics for Horizon Air and we fly the -100,200, and soon -400 series aircraft. Also Fokker 28 MK 4000.

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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 3:29 pm

Wow, some of these replies have been pretty interesting! Mine being JacobCAL is simple, Jacob is my name and I work for Continental Airlines!
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 7:04 pm

Hi Folks!
Hmmmm... nice to hear all the explanations given for the usernames. One and half of you found the explanation for mine. Lainhol because of the litttle french made plane (this is for the half one!) but the one who made it is SashA (congratulations to you!). First, Cricri is the nickname of Christophe (US Christopher) and then it's the name of a french character who played in a sitcom called "Hélène et les garçons" (translated : Hélène and the boys). The real name is Cricri d'Amour but it was to long to use for this forum. That's the nickname given by my friends and my office colleagues here in France.
So long guys and keep going, it's always terrific to here from you. Best regards, Cricri.

RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 7:18 pm

NAL757=National Airlines Boeing 757. My favorite airline.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 8:32 pm

Hello JET_A,

TP343 seems to be a flight number (if I'm not mistaking, it was one of the Lisbon - Caracas - Santo Domingo flights until TAP change its numeric system - now all flights are 1xxx), but it's not.

TP stands for TAP Air Portugal, because this is the airline that, in average, I most fly per year, and 343 stands for Airbus A340-300 becuase consequently this is the plane that I most fly, always between São Paulo - Lisbon - São Paulo.


TP343, São Paulo, Brazil.
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RE: Usernames

Sat Nov 06, 1999 8:47 pm

You might want to search the forum for a similar post some months ago which gives you a whole bunch more of explanations.

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RE: Usernames

Sun Nov 07, 1999 1:45 am

My user name is after my favorite aircraft. It will be a sad day when they are pulled out of service. What a wonder aircraft.

Glenn B-727

RE: Usernames

Sun Nov 07, 1999 2:29 am

I chose Canadian747400 after I came back from Vancouver on a Canadian 747400, and it was the best flight that I was ever on. I was shocked at how powerful the 747400 is - it is a really nice plane on the outside, but I couldn't believe how smooth the flight was, and the size of the 747-400's wings are just amazing when you are inside the airplane. I have only flown on a 747 once, but decided that since that was probably my favorite flight, I would call myself Canadian747400. However, my favorite airplane is still the MD11 (best design), and the 767-300 (since I have flown on the 767-300 four times).
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RE: Usernames

Sun Nov 07, 1999 9:11 am

My username is pretty obvious. No exiting tale to tell, just that the 707 is my favourite aircraft. I'am more interested to know how "Hmmmmm" came up with that username. Stretch 8 nice joke  
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RE: Usernames

Mon Nov 08, 1999 1:35 am

,,Stretch8 better get back in for a cold shower...  then he'll be probably a -200,,ha ha. Mine is because I'm usually at SJC observing aircraft. I think we are not alone in the Universe, and I have always thought the Earth is under some type of observation from another Exterrestial presence. So when I sit around observing a/c at SJC,,I became the SJC-Alien!!
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RE: Usernames

Mon Nov 08, 1999 2:17 pm

Given my real name, I grew up with the handle "Buffalo Bill" which has been shortened over the years to various renditions of what you see here. Some nicer than others.

BTW, there is absolutely no connection with the way I'm dressed when I step out of the shower!

Best Regards,

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RE: Usernames

Mon Nov 08, 1999 4:30 pm

I chose jim cause I have no sense of imagination.

Or humor.

Or a life.

I think in a former life I was a Bob, though...........

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RE: Usernames

Mon Nov 08, 1999 6:15 pm

For those of you in the industry, mine's a no-brainer. For some of you who aren't, a Non-Rev is a non-revenue passenger. Non-rev's are airline employees, retirees, family members (and even friends on some carriers) who fly at little or no cost.

My wife worked for Continental for nearly six years and we were the last to get on many a CO (and occasionally WN) flight. She left CO to become a teacher so now I'm an ex non-rev. I'm guaranteed a seat and get to wear comfortable clothes just like everyone else!
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RE: Usernames

Tue Nov 09, 1999 11:30 am

,,,I always thought Buff stood for what the Air Force called, or does call B-52's......... 
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RE: Usernames

Tue Nov 09, 1999 12:59 pm

Well, I've HAD the odd B-52 when out on the town. And when I was younger, I did occasionally get bombed from them. Near as I can tell though, that's as close as it gets!

Best Regards,

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Tue Nov 09, 1999 5:43 pm

Dang! Why didn't you call yourself B777-300 while you were at it?   Just kidding...

My username is kinda obvious, huh? Sure, I've could have called myself "JumboJet" but the joke (Stretch8) was already taken...  
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RE: Usernames

Tue Nov 09, 1999 8:36 pm

I am a flight dispatcher by trade. One of the things we like to see least is WOXOF. Weather: 0 visability, obscured; Ceiling 0 fog.
Fly safe. tr
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RE: Usernames

Tue Nov 09, 1999 11:07 pm

My name is the name of my country, well I live in Italy but Montenegro is always in my haeart. It is also an asotiation for Montenegro Airlines a small growing flag curier.

Savo Vulevic, Salerno, Italia
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RE: Usernames

Tue Nov 09, 1999 11:41 pm

I'm hoping that my username will inspire the folks at Boeing to shut up, roll up their sleeves and actually build the bird.

The problem is that the Phil Condit's of the aviation world dont spend any time on this forum  
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Tue Nov 09, 1999 11:49 pm

hey.. those r my initails! my umm screen name means the N# of my dad's citation, and girl i think is self explanatory....
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RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 3:06 am

Well for the people who know me personally, I always seem to be in a Daze. So that's why I use Dazed. And I love the 767. So I'm Dazed767.
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RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 3:35 am

I picked Navion as that is the type of personal aircraft my father owns & flies. He flew F86F Sabrejets in the Korean War and he likes North American designs (which the Navion is). The Navion was originally built as a liason aircraft for the military but soon was being offered as a private aircraft. My fathers is a rare version which keeps the sliding canopy of earlier models but has all of the modifications of later models (such as the larger tip tanks, bigger engine, fuel injection, flush riveted leading edges). It is known as a Navion F of which only 18 were built. It flies like a dream. I have about 1,000 hours in it.
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RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 3:35 am

I have written a book called "Boeing 757 and 767" now available at on-line bookstores or aviation catalogues everywhere (OK, a little promotion there).

I also happen to love both aircraft -- the 757 for its looks and takeoff power, the 767 for its cabin layout and reliability.
Free-thinking, left-leaning secularist

RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 3:37 am

well, i know dazed, and he for sure lives up to the joking!  

FYI i work on a TV show and "seriously funny" is kind of our motto, and its also a pretty good discription of me.

im suprised this thread has been so popular, since it dont have anything to do with airliners, i thought it would have gotten the ax! maybe the admin. have lightened up?  
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Triple 7

Wed Nov 10, 1999 3:53 am

Well, I think my username is self-explainatory. I really like the ultra-modern triple seven and hoped to fly on it someday.


RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 5:58 am

C-GAGN is an Air Canada 747-400. I flew LHR-YYZ in its Jumpseat last year.
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RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 6:25 am

My username is LN-KGL, and the reason I've chosen that is quite simple: I come from Norway = LN and my name is Kurt Gorm Larsen = KGL.
I have a Danish counterpart OY-KGL DC9-41 "Angantyr Viking" - Scandinavian Airlines oldest DC9-41 (link to a photo of it:
another SAS MD-82 has also one of my first names OY-KHT "Gorm Viking" (also this can be found on AirlinerNet
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RE: Usernames

Wed Nov 10, 1999 12:40 pm

I chose my username because I LOVE Air Canada. I think their service, food, and overall rating would by far beat Canadian (no offence to any Canadian, this is just my own opinion). I think that Canadian is sacraficing staff, meal quality, and service to save money because they are in their little 'dilema'.


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